The Cinema of Childhood

The Cinema of Childhood is a touring film season which introduces British audiences to 17 brilliant movies about children from all around the world, which have rarely or never before been screened in the UK. The season is curated by the filmmaker Mark Cousins, and inspired by his feature documentary A Story of Children and Film, the first film about children in global cinema.

Upcoming films & events

Little Fugitive
Little Fugitive (PG)
After their mother leaves them home alone in New York for the weekend, 7 year old Joey is tricked into thinking he’s killed his older brother with an air rifle.
  • Tue 1 Jul 2014
  • 20.00
Hugo and Josephine
Hugo and Josephine + Palle Alone in the World (U)
Hugo och Josefin
Swedish with English subtitles
Kjell Grede delivers a Swedish summer classic, blond and gorgeous and heart-breakingly innocent. A pure pleasure.
  • Wed 2 Jul 2014
  • 20.00
Crows + 10 Minutes Older
Polish with English subtitles
9-year-old Wrona is neglected at home, laughed at in school,and furious with the world. So she steals a cute little 3-year-old girl to become her surrogate mother. They run away to the sea, but Wrona soon discovers just how hard being a parent really is.
  • Thu 3 Jul 2014
  • 18.15
The Little girl who sold the Sun
The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun + The Unseen
La petite vendeuse de soleil
French with English subtitles
Sili, a crippled Senegalese girl, decides to do a boy’s job, selling newspapers on the streets of Dakar. Djibril Diop Mambéty’s little film is a big-hearted odyssey about daring to imagine what you can be, and to hell with what anyone thinks.
  • Fri 4 Jul 2014
  • 18.15
Bag of Rice
Bag of Rice (U)
Kiseye Berendj
Persian with English subtitles
Four year old Jairan is ignored at home, and itching for something to do. She convinces her neighbour, an old lady who is partially blind, that they should travel across one of the world’s busiest cities, Tehran, to buy rice.
  • Sat 5 Jul 2014
  • 16.00
Children in the Wind
Children in the Wind (U)
Kaze no naka no kodomo
Japanese with English subtitles
Sent to stay with his uncle, Sampei runs away any chance he gets. If only he can help his father to clear his name, everything will be all right again. Hiroshi Shimizu’s luminous masterpiece is nearly 80 years old, but still shines brightly.
  • Mon 7 Jul 2014
  • 18.00
Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games (12)
Jeux interdits
French with English subtitles
Clement’s angry masterpiece blends tragedy and farce into a heart-breaking account of children caught in a war they can’t possibly understand. Alongside “La Grande Illusion” this is one of the greatest anti-war statements ever filmed.
  • Sat 12 Jul 2014
  • 16.00
The King of Masks
The King of Masks
Bian Lian
Mandarin with English subtitles
An old illusionist in China needs an heir to pass on the secret of his mask tricks – so he buys himself a grandson from a needy peasant. Swooping emotional drama about a kid who wants to be loved, and an old man who learns how to open his heart.
  • Sun 13 Jul 2014
  • 16.00
The Boot
The Boot (U)
Persian with English subtitles
A little girl, Samaneh, pesters her mother to buy her red boots, then loses one, then tries to find it. The story is fairy-tale simple, but the emotions swell, like in Bicycle Thieves.
  • Mon 14 Jul 2014
  • 18.00
Tomka and his Friends
Tomka and his Friends
Tomka dhe shokët e tij
Albanian with English subtitles
When the Nazis occupy an Albanian village after the withdrawal of the Italian army from WWII, Tomka and his gang are furious – because the Germans set up camp on their football pitch. The local partisans recruit the boys to spy on the invaders.
  • Tue 15 Jul 2014
  • 18.00
Moving (PG)
Japanese with English subtitles
Renko’s mum and dad are splitting up, and her heart is burning. So she plays with fire, tears up the rule book, holds herself hostage, even starts talking to the weird girl in school who’s the only other one with divorced parents.
  • Thu 17 Jul 2014
  • 18.00
Long Live Republic
Long Live the Republic
At' zije Republika
Czech with English subtitles
Set in Moravia towards the end of WWII, Karel Kachyna’s forgotten masterpiece jumbles reality, memory and fantasy to capture the intensity of childhood in a war zone.
  • Mon 21 Jul 2014
  • 18.00
White Balloon
The White Balloon (U)
Badkonake sefid
Persian with English subtitles
A masterpiece about a little girl who won’t take no for an answer. Razieh wants a new goldfish to celebrate the Iranian New Year, even though she’s already got several. But tricking her mum into giving her the money is just the start of her adventure.
  • Sat 26 Jul 2014
  • 16.00


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