Going Green

Posted 26 October 2017

Sheffield’s a funny city, we curse the trees when they pull up the pavement so walking down them at night has a level of danger no other city can imagine (in terms of pavement related danger) and complain so fervently about the amount of hills we have to walk up on a daily basis. But if you ever tried to take those things away from us we’d fight tooth and nail to keep it (as the Save the Trees Campaign has proven). It’s because we love nature here, it makes up such an integral part of our city and it is clear that both individuals and organisations feel it is their responsibility to protect and care for it. 

You might think of the Showroom as a cinema but we are really a bunch of people from all over the country who call Sheffield home and want to make sure our city is healthy and green. As an organisation we have done this by listening to our staff and the recommendations and suggestions they have made. Like transitioning to more durable, recyclable plastic glasses instead of flimsy, one-use plastic cups. Not only does this seriously reduce wastage it also means no more beer spilling if you happen to squeeze your glass ever so slightly! You’ll spot recycling points for these around the cinema, so once you’re done with your glass, just throw it in so we can reuse it. We’re also going to be selling reusable hot drink cups, if you purchase one of these you can then continue to bring it back to the Showroom Bar and we’ll discount your coffee. There will also be more changes happening around the bar, like swapping out harmful plastic straws for paper ones and putting napkins behind the bar, which will still be available on request (we all know someone who grabs 50 napkins for no reason) to reduce wastage. 

There are also lots of steps being taken behind the scenes, like in our kitchen, the team run a very tight ship, making sure they create seasonal dishes which reduce wastage substantially, recycle all their used oil to be made into bio-fuel and use as many local suppliers as possible to reduce cross-country mileage. We also use LED lighting wherever possible and all our rubbish that cannot be recycled goes to an incinerator less than a mile away.    

We’d like to sincerely thank our staff for continuing to push us as an organisation to make changes, which may only seem small but will have a big overall impact on our decreasing our wastage and carbon foot print. After various natural disasters over the past few weeks it’s clear the environment is not in a good place. It is also clear it is every individual’s responsibility. We’d really like to encourage everyone to always look for ways to make your work place greener and help us too- if you have any suggestions on small, simple adaption that you know reduce wastage etc let us know!


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