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This film was last shown on 11 March 2018

Why - 7MIN

Iceland. A cold, rugged and forbidding landscape where powerful rivers plunge through bedrock gorges, over massive waterfalls, toward the sea. Director Hugo Clouzeau and a crew of French kayakers travel here to ask the question, Why?

Why? Why do we do this?

 In the GoPro age, images of extreme feats flood our social media streams. We watch skiers drop into impossibly steep and narrow shoots. We follow jumpers in wing suits flying over mountains. We see climbers, slackliners, mountain bikers and paddlers doing things that appear to most people insane, but the action seems empty when we don't understand the motivation behind it. Why we ask.Why do they do this?

WHY, a short film from NRS and We Are Hungry, goes beyond the spectacle of extreme kayaking in search of an elusive answer.

Bright Cities - Girl Parkour - 2min

This film was created to to make a girl parkour project that feels as close to a typical parkour video as possible. In the past, it seemed like all the female parkour videos were really focusing on that more than a usual 'male' parkour video, which felt a bit like a gimmick instead of the girls ability standing on its own. Featuring Renae Dambly and Saskia Neville, wonderfully talented upcoming female athletes, the film was shot this over four days in Brighton and Cambridge.

Brujas - 7min

"Brujas" is an urban, free-form, creative and autonomous organization that seeks to build radical political coalition through youth culture. This group of minority female skaters express community through skateboarding, art and political organizing. This NYC collective has created a nationwide following inspiring change makers, creatives and skaters alike to come together in solidarity to exercise their freedom of expression. This is Brujas.

Chris Akrigg - As It Lies - 7min

No pre-made trails, just adapting to whatever nature puts in front of you.

Ice Call - 3min

PVS Company presents ICE CALL, an extract of BACKYARDS PROJECT, a freeski movie of Sam FAVRET.

Ascend - 6min

As a young adult, Jon Wilson lost his leg to cancer. During his recovery, Jon‰Ûªs family and friends bought him a bike. He hopped on it and through the pain he felt a rush that he knew was both inspirational and essential.  Since that day, mountain biking has played a critical role in helping Jon sink his teeth back into life. Ascend is a six-minute short that attempts to articulate how a passion feeds, nurtures, and elevates one‰Ûªs physical and spiritual ceiling.  Simon Perkins, the film‰Ûªs director, wanted to give others a glimpse of why he feels lucky to call Jon a friend. ‰ÛÏJon does three important things for me in my life: he inspires me; he gives me perspective; and he repeatedly puts me in my place, especially on single track.

ISAMU: A Short Skate Film - 7min

Filmmaker Brett Novak spent 14 days traveling alongside Isamu Yamamoto through Osaka, Kyoto and the surrounding countryside to capture this cinematic short film of the insanely talented young skateboarder.

Components of Adventure: Reunion Island - 4min

While the search for an adventure can happen close to home, we found ourselves this time in a place most people may not know about. Located east of Madagascar and 175 km southwest of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, RÌ©union Island is a mountainous and volcanic island, where you can find miles on miles of single-track that take you through deep green, lush and tropical rainforests.

Reunion Island has a diverse history. More recently the island has been surrounded by colonies of Bull and Tiger sharks. While the sharks have impacted tourism, mountain biking has been growing on the island giving locals and visitors something else to do. The trails are fun and the locals are friendly.

Follow along as riders Bryn Atkinson and Bas Van Steenbergen meet up with locals David Delassus and Theo Booy to share with them the island they call home.

Jason Paul's Freerunning Illusions - 2min

Nothing is like it seems to be. Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns doing a kind of chase with optical illusions through German cities like Berlin and Dresden playing with funny and bizsarre situations and locations.

Kriss Kyle - Raw 100 - 2min

With the Scottish winter in full swing, king of style and steeze Kriss Kyle took to his local skatepark for an absolute shred session to kick the winter doldrums. The man never disappoints when it comes to pushing the boundaries of BMX and how he attacks a park, so we decided to take our Raw 100 series indoors to listen to the pure shredding as Kriss explores Unit 23.

2D RUN - 6min

Running trough the ups and downs of life in a bird's eye perspective.

Numinous - 5min

He is one of the most aggressive and talented freeskiers of our age. Born and raised in the BC backcountry, with a bloodline alive with adventure and a style carved from the landscape itself, Kye Petersen is about to blow the doors off of big mountain skiing. This is a short segment from the film.

Tall Bikes Will Save The World - 4min

Riding any bicycle is a positive step toward a healthy lifestyle and personal enjoyment, but it's the tall bike that has the power to change the world. The tall bike remains on the fringes only embraced by the daring, the creative and the foolish.

Skidsville - 2min

Welcome to Skidsville.  Population all of us.

 Remember that feeling of throwing a leg over a bike for the first time?! I mean talk about 'Boom!', right?  It was like a lightening strike of realization blowing the doors off our childhood.  One day we're walking around with the rest of the mere mortals, the next we're steely-eye'd captains piloting our two wheeled rocket ships to the outer reaches of the Driveway!  It was like punching that ticket to ride and stepping into a world that's bigger, bolder, and little bloodier.  Remember?

Juicy Studios and Mike Hopkins set out to show us how bikes have played a roll in our lives... generation by generation.  Bottom line, Bike are awesome, and they've been awesome from the beginning.

DreamRide 2 - 5min

Shot in Hawaii, Alberta, and British Columbia in early 2017, DreamRide 2 is a visual masterpiece full of stunning imagery. Mike Hopkins enters his dream world by stepping through a photograph and into the Hawaiian jungle where he rides his bike through the most brilliant landscapes on the big island. Midway through he's transported into a snowy field where he rides a frozen river and races through steep snowfields aboard his bike. The visuals are set alongside a beautiful poetic narrative explaining the freedom one acquires from stepping outside of their comfort zone into places beyond comprehension.

First Ever Mountain Bike Descent of Corbet's Couloir - 4min

Anyone who has ever skied or snowboarded Jackson Hole knows just how nerve-racking it can be to send it into the infamous Corbet's Couloir, even in the best of conditions. Doing it in icy conditions on mountain bikes is nothing short of insane, and that's exactly what we did.

In Perpetual Motion - 4min

Understanding the motives of an artist is complicated and layered as every artist is motivated differently. The audience is given an insight to Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright and in particular how different fears are interwoven with her life and ultimately her work as a photographer. A photographer is not defined by a singular shot, it is the process of photography that is a wild ride as it passionately consumes the lifestyle as so often it is the driving force in how a photographer engages with the world that surrounds them.

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