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This film was last shown on 11 March 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for Adventure Bites Film Loop are only available at the Showroom Box Office or can be booked by telephone 0114 2757727

This is a continual loop of films you can drop in and out of, just pick up a ticket from the Showroom Box Office and present it at a time that suits you. The last loop will begin at approximately 10pm.

Dedicate - Diving Free - 8min

Jacques de Vos is an underwater photographer who spends most his time freediving with orcas.

Helped by his crew, this South African became an expert in finding these incredible creatures in the ocean and spending a few seconds swimming with them underwater.

We followed the man who freedives with orcas on one of his most beautiful expeditions, completed last winter in north of Norway.

Ice Call - 3min

PVS Company presents ICE CALL, an extract of BACKYARDS PROJECT, a freeski movie of Sam FAVRET.

Imagination: Tom Wallisch - 4min

We've all been that kid sitting in the back seat of our family car, wishing we were somewhere else. Through the boredom, the driveway snow piles, sidewalk handrails and stair sets start to tease our inner skier. Watch day dreams come to life as Tom Wallisch shreds the snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia.

Into The Black - 2min

In the middle of the night, a mountain biker rides through Grenoside Woods, Sheffield. Shot over three nights and lit with a bag full of LED panels.

ISAMU: A Short Skate Film - 7min

Filmmaker Brett Novak spent 14 days traveling alongside Isamu Yamamoto through Osaka, Kyoto and the surrounding countryside to capture this cinematic short film of the insanely talented young skateboarder

Jason Paul's Freerunning Illusions - 2min

Nothing is like it seems to be. Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns doing a kind of chase with optical illusions through German cities like Berlin and Dresden playing with funny and bizsarre situations and locations.

Johanna Under The Ice - 5min

Johanna had a bad motorbike accident. She shattered her lower leg but the doctors managed to save it. 3 years later she was still in pain and facing having it amputated.

The Invincibles - 3min

Where The Wild Things Play - 4min

Friday night at the local watering hole and where the ladies at? Answer: BASE jumping from high desert cliffs, performing tricks on slacklines, climbing granite routes, shredding singletrack, skiing backcountry lines and generally leaving you fellas behind. This rowdy ode to female athletes by Krystle Wright leaves no doubt about the state of women in today's outdoor world: badass.

Why - 7min

Iceland. A cold, rugged and forbidding landscape where powerful rivers plunge through bedrock gorges, over massive waterfalls, toward the sea. Director Hugo Clouzeau and a crew of French kayakers travel here to ask the question, 'Why?'

'Why? Why do we do this?'

In the GoPro age, images of extreme feats flood our social media streams. We watch skiers drop into impossibly steep and narrow shoots. We follow jumpers in wing suits flying over mountains. We see climbers, slackliners, mountain bikers and paddlers doing things that appear to most people insane, but the action seems empty when we don't understand the motivation behind it. 'Why?' we ask. 'Why do they do this?'

Why I Run - 3min

Every month I visit the Lake District to spend a day running in the hills. It's good for the body, good for the head, good for the soul. I film the run and chat to myself about whatever feels important that day. This month: why I run (and why I think you should do too).

Foodless Odyssey - 11min

The Foodless Odyssey has been a longtime dream of Pro mountain biker Matt Hunter. The idea is to bike-pack through hundreds of kilometers of wilderness on the remote Island of Haida Gwaii, living entirely off the land.  The rules were simple, we would carry all the survival tools we needed to bike,fish,hunt and camp but absolutely no food. Everything we would consume for the weeklong journey would have to be harvested from the land.

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