ShAFF2018: Young Adventurers 1 @ Cinema Truck PG

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This film was last shown on 11 March 2018

Ice Call - 3min

PVS Company presents ICE CALL, an extract of BACKYARDS PROJECT, a freeski movie of Sam FAVRET.

ISAMU: A Short Skate Film -7min

Filmmaker Brett Novak spent 14 days traveling alongside Isamu Yamamoto through Osaka, Kyoto and the surrounding countryside to capture this cinematic short film of the insanely talented young skateboarder.

Ascend - 6min

As a young adult, Jon Wilson lost his leg to cancer. During his recovery, Jon's family and friends bought him a bike. He hopped on it and through the pain he felt a rush that he knew was both inspirational and essential.  Since that day, mountain biking has played a critical role in helping Jon sink his teeth back into life. Ascend is a six-minute short that attempts to articulate how a passion feeds, nurtures, and elevates one's physical and spiritual ceiling.  Simon Perkins, the film's director, wanted to give others a glimpse of why he feels lucky to call Jon a friend. 'Jon does three important things for me in my life: he inspires me; he gives me perspective; and he repeatedly puts me in my place, especially on single track'

Johanna Under The Ice - 5min

Johanna had a bad motorbike accident. She shattered her lower leg but the doctors managed to save it. 3 years later she was still in pain and facing having it amputated.

Lowri Davies: Freestyle Kayaker -4min

The sport of freestyle is one of the most dynamic subsets of white water kayaking. Since she was 16, Lowri Davies has competed in the sport all over the world. Often seen as a niche part of kayaking, freestyle offers some of the most spectacular visual experiences possible for the sport, with competitors throwing ever increasingly complex sets of aerial moves on some of the worlds biggest standing waves. This is the story of one woman's rise to represent her country at the forthcoming world championships, and to show off the acrobatic sport of freestyle kayaking.

Slackladder - 3min

Red Bull Slackladder, is a project by Alex Mason featuring 'Sketchy' Andy Lewis, the Godfather of Slacklining and fringe sports. The pair successfully created an all-natural Slacklining ladder course up Onomea Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Built all naturally by Lewis and Mason deep in the Botanical Gardens of Hilo, HI, the course included over one thousand feet of slackline and roughly one mile of ropes and cables. The intense eight-line playground above 120 feet of waterfalls took the team over two hundred hours to bring to life. The clandestine setting provides a gorgeous backdrop for the fluid style of these two athletes.

Scratch The Surface - 10min

Featuring 12 female riders from around the UK, Scratch the Surface is a short film covering the current level of women's riding. It also visits some of the legendary women who has helped shape the scene into what it is today. Showcasing not only the skating, the film also explores brief personal stories of each individual.

The documentary's aim is to introduce an outside audience to the lifestyle and environment surrounding female skateboarders within the UK.

The Rowdiest Female Skiing of 2016 - 3min

Jackson Hole has long been the proving ground for the best skiers in the world. People like Doug Combs, Micah Black, and countless other winter heroes have left their mark on these famous mountains. Now Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer are here to ski these famous lines with their own unique flair. Angel's performance was so impressive it earned her Female Performance of the Year.

DreamRide 2 -5min

Shot in Hawaii, Alberta, and British Columbia in early 2017, DreamRide 2 is a visual masterpiece full of stunning imagery. Mike Hopkins enters his dream world by stepping through a photograph and into the Hawaiian jungle where he rides his bike through the most brilliant landscapes on the big island. Midway through he's transported into a snowy field where he rides a frozen river and races through steep snowfields aboard his bike. The visuals are set alongside a beautiful poetic narrative explaining the freedom one acquires from stepping outside of their comfort zone into places beyond comprehension.

Where The Wild Things Play - 4min

Friday night at the local watering hole and where the ladies at? Answer: BASE jumping from high desert cliffs, performing tricks on slacklines, climbing granite routes, shredding singletrack, skiing backcountry lines and generally leaving you fellas behind. This rowdy ode to female athletes by Krystle Wright leaves no doubt about the state of women in today's outdoor world: badass.

Dedicate - Diving Free - 8min

Jacques de Vos is an underwater photographer who spends most his time freediving with orcas.

Helped by his crew, this South African became an expert in finding these incredible creatures in the ocean and spending a few seconds swimming with them underwater.

We followed the man who freedives with orcas on one of his most beautiful expeditions, completed last winter in north of Norway.

Cambridge Rooftops Parkour POV -2min

Explore the rooftops in a sunny Parkour POV, shot in Cambridge UK, and see through the athletes eyes as he runs and jumps across buildings

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