ShAFF2018: Young Adventurers 3 @ Cinema Truck U

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This film was last shown on 11 March 2018

Gnarly In Pink - 8min

Meet Bella, Rella and Sierra, a trio of skateboarding six-year-olds who form the Pink Helmet Posse. This fantastical short follows the girls as they pop ollies and shred through gender stereotypes, all while dressed in tutus. In a sport where girls are traditionally underrepresented, the posse proves that despite their nail polish and pink helmets, there's no limit to what they can do. -Amira Abdellahi

Into The Black - 2min

In the middle of the night, a mountain biker rides through Grenoside Woods, Sheffield. Shot over three nights and lit with a bag full of LED panels.

The Time Within - 5min

As a light snow begins to fall on the bustling Tokyo outside his family shop, The Timekeeper delicately assembles his masterwork. In precision clockwork, the mystery lies in the finest details-- and the master knows that in a single second of perfect and beautiful synchronicity, there lives an eternity.

night high- 5min

Night High is a visual collaboration between highliner Sarah Rixham and photographer Dora Dc. The film encapsulates the dreamy flow state athlete Sarah Rixham finds whilst floating in untouched space on a one inch wide slackline. She uses the cover of night to explore unique urban gaps in the pursuit of this dream-like state induced by highlining.

Remi - 5min

Remi Bonnet burst onto the international trail running scene only a couple of years ago. A 2015 Salomon Running Academy young gun, RÌ©mi went on to become the Skyrunner World Series VK champion at just 20 years old. Living in the charming Swiss village of Charmey, Remi is quiet and unassuming.The film is a tongue in cheek, quirky profile on one of the up and coming stars of trail running.

Skidsville - 2min

Remember that feeling of throwing a leg over a bike for the first time?! I mean talk about 'Boom', right?  It was like a lightening strike of realization blowing the doors off our childhood.  One day we're walking around with the rest of the mere mortals, the next we're steely-eye'd captains piloting our two wheeled rocket ships to the outer reaches of the Driveway!  It was like punching that ticket to ride and stepping into a world that's bigger, bolder, and little bloodier.  Remember?

Juicy Studios and Mike Hopkins set out to show us how bikes have played a roll in our lives... generation by generation.  Bottom line, Bike are awesome, and they've been awesome from the beginning

Pedal - 8min

Forty-three countries down, Hera Van Willick rides her bicycle across continents, fully self-supported. This is her journey and what she has learned along the way.

Pleasure Island - Britain's Abandoned Playgrounds (Episode 1) - 15min

Channel 4 commissioned up-and-coming Sheffield-based Salt Street Productions to produce a six-part series that explores some of Britain's most interesting locations via a group of young, talented urban athletes. 

Travelling across the UK on a converted double decker bus freerunner Katie McDonnell, highliner Jediah Doohan, BMX rider Pete Catherall and skateboarder Calvin Ligono will breathe new life into six lost locations as they physically explore each space through their chosen sport.

Tham Khoun Xe - 3min

Tham Khoun Xe is a river cave carved by the mighty Xe Bang Fai River and is located in Hin Nam No National Protected Area in central Laos. At 7 km long and with an average width and height of 76m and 56m respectively, it is considered one of the largest active river caves in the world.

Components of Adventure: Réunion Island - 4min

While the search for an adventure can happen close to home, we found ourselves this time in a place most people may not know about. Located east of Madagascar and 175 km southwest of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, RÌ©union Island is a mountainous and volcanic island, where you can find miles on miles of single-track that take you through deep green, lush and tropical rainforests.

Reunion Island has a diverse history. More recently the island has been surrounded by colonies of Bull and Tiger sharks. While the sharks have impacted tourism, mountain biking has been growing on the island giving locals and visitors something else to do. The trails are fun and the locals are friendly.

Follow along as riders Bryn Atkinson and Bas Van Steenbergen meet up with locals David Delassus and Theo Booy to share with them the island they call home.

Bright Cities - Girl Parkour - 2min

This film was created to to make a girl parkour project that feels as close to a typical parkour video as possible. In the past, it seemed like all the female parkour videos were really focusing on that more than a usual 'male' parkour video, which felt a bit like a gimmick instead of the girls ability standing on its own. Featuring Renae Dambly and Saskia Neville, wonderfully talented upcoming female athletes, the film was shot this over four days in Brighton and Cambridge.

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59 mins


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