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This film was last shown on 24 March 2019

  1. A selection of the best adventure films from the last year. Spirit Of Adventure really defines the essences of what ShAFF is about. Part of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2019 (ShAFF 2019). 100+ of the best adventure, travel and extreme sports films over one weekend in the UK's Outdoor Capital City.

    1. Tonic Of The Sea - 8 minutes

      Katie swims off the rocks of Penzance, UK nearly everyday of the year. Swimming has helped her overcome some of the struggles that life all too often throws our way. The hope is that her story may help others who are faced with similar challenges.

    2. Surface - 7 minutes

      We linked up with Ben at a unique point in his career. He is a legendary surf photographer who made a decision to focus on something different in order to redefine himself as an artist. We began working with him when he was on the verge of releasing that new body of work. His dedication and commitment to his craft is evident with everything he does. His drive fueled us throughout the post-production process to make sure we told his story as well as we could. We hope this film is a true representation of that effort and the results of the risk he took. An interesting thing to note about the film: We directed the film remotely - Ben has never been to Boulder, CO where Roam is based, and the Roam team has never been to Tahiti. After initial conversations with Ben, we traded hundreds of emails and spent hours on Skype with him and his filmer. We wanted to ensure that we were all on the same page with style and interview content. They sent us low-res versions of what they shot, and we were able to provide feedback on what was working, what we still needed to capture etc.

    3. Day Zero - 4 minutes

      Cape Town is currently suffering from a water crisis due to a number of different factors. The residents are having to cut their daily water usage down to a limit of 50 litres per day per person and on the most part are collectively achieving this. The management of this crisis however is critical to the success of this wonderful city.

      Thank you to Ray De Vries for the voiceover and insight in to the current situation in Cape Town. Ray is one of the most fascinating people I have met and is part of the solution to future water shortages. See more here -

    4. Surf Girls Jamaica -16 minutes

      Imani Wilmot is a role model to a community of Afro Caribbean surfers in Jamaica and beyond. She is using surfing as a tool to transform the lives of many Jamaican woman. Imani has taken it as her personal responsibility to empower women of colour to have access to surfing and to see a place for themselves within the global surf industry.

    5. Gravitas - 2 minutes

      We worked with a very precise plan on some of the most incredible Calisthenic Street Workout Scenes with the Australian Calisthenic Athlete “Simonster” on the streets. With Simon Ata we shot straight Bodyweight power moves all over the state of Saxony. He is a master of the Plance and Handstand and the Hollowback, but also other moves like a super high backflip and Hollowback which is one of his special moves. On the music I worked with the composer Oliver Patrice Weder from Amsterdam. I flew over and we composed to every move of Simonster and to the dynamic of the shot. It is also the first time I used no Invisible Cuts or other Effect Editing and worked with longer, magical shots. We shot 7 days with breaks inbetween to get to the result you see in the end. This is a free project supported by the state I am living in. (Soundtrack was created by Oliver Patrice Weder )

    6. Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th - 5 minutes

      I spent over 3 months synchronizing a line rider track to Beethoven's 5th drawing everything by hand. Any time a character leaves the screen they are being directed by unseen lines to the next location. This is not the full length of the piece. I spliced together parts to make it possible for me to finish the project in a practical amount of time. I don't think my sanity could handle 3 more months of this song.

    7. Plan C - 14 II - 48 minutes

      He is running out of time and against all odds and Doctor's recommendations, he is determined to have one last adventure before the end. His love and dedication for traveling are stronger than any medical diagnosis. His old friend, Mariano, was his companion in all his adventures and he passed away. This propelled Martin to embark on a new journey to the place where they made their last trip together in an attempt to bid him farewell.



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