Showroom Shorts

Showroom Shorts
  • Tue 23 Jan
    • 21.00

After a wildly successful 7th Birthday party in November, Showroom Shorts will be back on Tuesday 23rd January and it’ll be the first Showroom Shorts screening of 2018! It’s free, we’ve got some award-winning films and some powerful pieces this month – which have come from local sources as well as from much further afield (like Syria for example!). There’s about 72 mins of films! We’ll also be raffling off prizes: cinema tickets, film posters and more! 

Check out our impressive programme:

Flight – Dir. Laura Wadha, 2017 – 10.34 

Two young sisters who arrive in Sweden having fled the war in Syria are becoming teenagers in a new world. They try to hold on to the fond memories of their once beautiful home while struggling to deal with the repercussions of growing up surrounded by war. Laura is a half Scottish/ half Syrian documentary filmmaker and ‘Flight’ follows the journey of her two young cousins, Mera and Maria.

A Viable Candidate – Dir. Orson Nava, 2016 – 16.53 

Radical and charismatic politician Sylvan Bradshaw is on route to becoming Britain’s first black prime minister. However, when he and his wife Mia are called into a meeting with a mysterious representative of the intelligence services, long-buried secrets emerge that threaten to destroy their marriage and derail his political career. 

Express Delivery – Dir. Beau Fowler, 2017 – 12:12

When a Bounty Hunter drags Swifty, a street-wise New Yorker from the back of his trunk, Swifty manages to slyly uncover his true identity. The Bounty Hunter must now ‘dispatch’ him before the clients arrive. Unfortunately for him, Swifty’s fists are as fast as his mouth, and as the frantic battle of martial artistry erupts, it quickly becomes apparent that things aren’t quite as they seem.

Director’s Cut – Dir. Jamie Scrutton / Eva Curless, 2017 – 3.41

This Animation is based on a person’s personal experience of online abuse, contributing to their mental illness.  The narrative is written and recited by a Lancashire based poet called Eva Curless and the animation adapted by Jamie H Scrutton. 

Literally Hell – Dir/Anim.: Robert Poller, 2016 – 7.04A little goth girl called Mary falls into Hell after a car accident. She comes across two demons, Damien and Lucy, who try to kidnap Mary, but Mary manages to get away. Now Mary is on the run as she discovers a new world that is…Literally Hell!    ​

Sound and Space – Dir. Joe Georgiou, 2017 – 3.10

Sound and Space is an absorbing glimpse through visual texture and acoustic resonance into relationships between environment and experience hewn from the remarkable personal journey of Rolf Gehlhaar, son of a German rocket scientist and post war migrant to America.  Rolf explored sound and composed music from childhood and went on to work alongside Stockhausen in the sixties. 

An Open Door – Dir. Jack Humphreys, 2017 – 6.10 

A man goes about his monotonous day to day life, however, an obscure door peaks his interest.

John Wilsher – Dirs. Fionn and Toby Watts, 2017 – 1.56

A short film portrait of Sheffield painter and printmaker John Wilsher. 

Lydia Mary – Dir. Toby Watts, 2017 – 0.59 

A short film capturing the work and process of Sheffield-based textile artist Lydia Mary.

The Double Life of Hannah Schnee – Dir. Molly Brown, 2018 – 4.53

When Hannah Schnee, a convent-educated girl from a tiny village, teams up with a street performer named Josef, they decide to conquer America. But on their arrival in New York, the two of them have very different fortunes.

Dessert Surprise: ‘Hairy Dish’ – Dir. Omar Aysha, 2018 – 3.12

A beleaguered husband tries to play along with his wife’s latest wacky idea.


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