Showroom Shorts

Showroom Shorts

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  • Tue 22 May
    • 21.00

Films for our April screening at Showroom Shorts are pouring in and we’re excited to be presenting the work of many filmmakers local to the region on 17th April. Some are still students, some have been waiting to be of age to even come and join us (18s and over only) and some are giving us their films hot off the press!

And here’s the full lineup!

Parts – Dir. Naqqash Khalid, 2015 – 4.56

An actor moves to the city for work, but gets knocked back at every turn, until his agent comes up with a proposition. 

Fawn – Dir. Ron Wright, 2010 – 7:00 

On a cold, desolate moor, a young murder victim – whose body has never been found – is haunted by the last moments of his life, and wonders why his mother has never come to take him home. Nominated for Best UK Funded Short at Edinburgh Encounters; nominated for Best International Short Film at Anthony Minghella Film Festival; selected as support film for Bradford Film Festivakl world premiere of Hammer horror feature film Wake Wood.

RedFaces ‘ Messed Up Feeling’ – Dir. Helene Michaelides / Cuckoo Films, 2018 – 2.39

This music video has recently been added to 4Music’s BoxPlus playlist. RedFaces’ track has had plays on BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens and was chosen for Spindle Magazine’s top ten tracks of the week. Lots of familiar Sheffield locations in this one! 

GALEXACO – Dir. George Allan, 2017 – 4.55

Enter the crazy world of GALEXACO, the worst fuel station in space…

MOOP WANTS CAKE – Dir. George Allan, 2017  – 2.11

When Moop sees his neighbor’s cake it was love at first sight, however his neighbor would do anything to stop Moop from getting his claws on it!

And they Lived…Episode 3: Aurora – Dir. Daniel Loops, 2017 – 3.47

And They Lived… back for Episode 3! Find out what happened to your favourite Disney princesses when the story on the screen was over. Often is does not seem that all was ‘happily ever after’… In the crosshairs this month: Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Growth – Dir. Marta Kwasniewska, 2017 – 2:20

Crafting crepe-paper flowers is the first step to young Anna learning a new life lesson. 2D digital animated short film.

Tick Tock - Dirs. Eleanor Smith and Anastasia Shilovich, 2017 - 3.27

This experimental piece highlights a child's imagination and how it never really leaves us. An office worker, depressed because of her mundane day at work, finds herself reminiscing about her colourful childhood and through the memories of her youth, she finds happiness! 

The Gift – Dir. Melissa Sorrell, 2017 – 5:30

The story follows a young boy who receives a rabbit for his birthday- much to his Mother’s disdain. One day the boy’s rabbit goes missing and when his Mother produces a meat pie for dinner, the boy has reservations about eating it…. 

Bingo - Dir. Melissa Sorrell, 2017 - 6.47 

Set in a bingo hall in the North of England, Sharon decides to go on a date with her partner Paul as they had recently been arguing a lot after Paul’s accident which had left him with a broken arm. The date starts to take a sour turn as Sharon finds out some interesting information on Paul’s whereabouts over the past weeks.

Daddy’s Girl – Dir. Ellie Macmillan, 2017 – 4.25 

Lola (Megan Abel) has been kidnapped and a ransom requested by her captures.  However, the kidnappers have taken on more than they bargained for as Megan is a martial artist and weapons expert.


Scarlett’s Vow – Dir. Ella Simpson, 2017 – 6.25

Scarlet (Megan Abel) is alone in a dangerous land.  She is being pursued by a ruthless nobleman seeking to keep a secret for all time.  But Scarlet has a different idea.

Chloe vs. Love - Dir. Jordan O'Shea, 2017 - 4.27

A short film depicting the meeting and subsequent games between Chloe and Love herself. 

Into the Painting - Dir. Reece Dieterman - 2017 - 2.14 

A girl drawing by her self in an art museum, when a particular painting catches her eye. Frustrated that she can't copy the painting she throws her work and reveal something mysterious. She continues to draw from the painting but to no avail, until she notices a pencil in her pocket...

Hunt of Shame - Dirs. Will Armson and Ed Kitchen - 2018, 3.49

A dangerous wild beast is on the loose, a hunter is sent to take it out..

Gentle Ihor - Dir. Ivor Tymchak - 1979 - 8.24

This funny short by Sheffield City Polytechnic student Ivor Tymchak from 1979 is a sharp dissection of the film-making process. A smart and accomplished piece of work, that, despite the clever structuralist trickery, is shot-through from a quintessentially Yorkshire perspective. Born in Huddersfield to Ukrainian immigrants, Tymchak worked under the great Paul Haywood at the Polytechnic where he created this persona 'Ihor' and made a number of films in the region during the period. In more recent years, he has established a career as successful artist and photographer.


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