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Showroom Shorts

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This event last happened on 19 June 2018

This month will feature a very special Showroom Shorts: it will be out 70th (!) screening of short films at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield and to celebrate this milestone we will welcome Alice Ramsey from Film Hub North as our guest curator! Alice will be choosing which films will be featuring in our programme this month, so be sure to come on down and check out her choices! 

As always, we will be raffling off some great prizes,, including cinema tickets and maybe some surprises this month too...

Stay tuned to see what will be playing on the big screen soon - and send us your films for Alice to see! See how to do that below: it's easy!

Venus - Dir. Faye Carr-Wilson, 2016 - 5.40
A short documentary exploring disability and empowerment through drag queen subject Sophie a.k.a Venus Dimilo.

When Voices Unite - Dir. Lewis Coates - 3.36 
A tense study on internet activism, as we watch Jess, an social activist, begin a live video feed and discover a dark secret.

Bad Directions Part 1 - Dir. Sally Cancello, 2014 - 1.44
A husband and wife are driving to an event and are lost. They are running late and he manages to find the most inappropriate people to ask for directions.

Excursions to the Mountains - Dirs. Dermot Daly and Ivan Mack, 2018 - 3.33
Memorise. Move. Modify: How can we hold on to the memory of someone without holding ourselves back? This is a film about being brave enough to capture new memories without denying the pain of loss.

Bad Directions Part 2 - Dir. Sally Cancello, 2014 - 2.42
The husband and wife are now even later for the event and he manages to find yet another inappropriate passer-by for directions.

Resonance – Joe Georgiou, 2018 – 6.20

 Resonance is a short documentary which offers a glimpse of sonic artists personal relationship with sound. It is the start of a series of filmed fragments illustrating our individual and collective response to sound and where they can overlap.

An Awakening – Dirs. John Seddon and Vaibhav Kaul, 2018 – 14.24

Far away from hearth, home and heritage, a young Himalayan scholar is faced with physical disablement and desolation. As he takes on his ‘mountains’, he finds solace in his spirituality, ethnic identity, and love for the wilderness.

'Testing' by The Slow Show - Dir. Paul 'Gripper' Flannery, 2016 - 4.12  
Stop-motion music video for The Slow Show song ‘Testing’. The themes of loneliness, depression and agoraphobic behavior are visited through both the song and character of Jan, a man cocooned in the four walls of his flat, struggling with his demons and the thoughts of getting out into the world again.


Penelope (Please Stop Recommending So Many TV Dramas) - Dir. Brett Domino, 2014 - 1.46 
This is a song I wrote about all the TV shows that everyone is constantly telling me to watch. For the record, I don't actually know anyone called Penelope - it's just a musical device.

Wedding Bell – Dir. Kate Graham, 2018 – 3.43

On the morning of her wedding, a bride-to-be leaves the groom waiting at the altar, for good reason.

Some Body - Dir. Francesco Puppini and Matteo Palmas, 2018 - 2.38
Two bodies move on the screen, hiding away, concealing like a memory. An unknown female voice tells us a story about senses. What happens when you can't see, but you can feel? A visual poem for two bodies and one voice.

Spotters – Dir Olivia Hughes, 2018 – 6.08

A short mockumenatry on the subject of trainspotters. Produced by Olivia Hughes as part of A-Level Media Studies coursework at Wales High School in Sheffield.

Shihan - Dir. Stephanie Saxemard, 2018 - 5.55
In this film Shannah tells the story of his discovery of the martial arts, of growing up to defy the norm to create a path of his own, the path of a master. This is a story of perseverance, determination, inspiration, and vision. It is the journey of one man beating the odds to become one of the most well known martial artists in the Caribbean, Sensei Shannah Robin.

Harlequin - Dir. Jakob Lewis Barnes, 2017 - 6.19 
A day in the life of a pathetic clown, as his mental issues begin to consume him and cause his final performance to spiral out of control

Where is Mr. Right? - Dir. Sally Cancello, 2016 - 2.59
A mockumentary about Natasha Portnan’s quest to find Mr Right. Inspired by her parent’s marriage, Natasha goes on two new dates.

Writing Britain: Mandlenkosi Maposa - Dir. Matt Maude, 2014 - 2.46 
“Live how you sleep. Live how you dream.” Ma reflects on the power of dreams in this uplifting Writing Britain short.

I Have Asperger's and What of it? - Dir. John Clark, 2017 - 3.59

John’s short film attempts to recreate a sensory overload, but also candidly expresses his experiences living with Asperger Syndrome and how he fits in to society. Having a passion for telling stories of fiction and non-fiction has helped shape his voice and aspirations, seeking honesty, impartiality, equality and truth. Fascinated with the world around him and how he sees it, John’s title 'and what of it', shows is views that autism should be learnt, understood, accepted and taught and neither simultaneously an elephant in the room, or the centre of attention.

‘Thief’ by Mollyanna – Dir. Adam Fitch, 2018 – 4.03

‘Thief’ is the third collaboration between Sheffield hard rock band MOLLYANNA and Northampton-based film-maker Adam Fitch. Shot entirely on VHS, the home-video style film perfectly captures the bleak nostalgia of the track. ‘Thief’ is about making the same mistakes over and over again, and the claustrophobic setting of the video enhances the tension and desperation to escape from those decisions. Although the video was filmed in one take, the fact that over 400 balloons were used meant the preparation and shoot still took around 12 hours in total.


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