10 Things We Love About Q&As

  1. Delving into the Mind of the Maker

    ‘How did they do that?’, ‘Why did they do that?’, ‘Was that part really important?’ We’ve all left the cinema with a million questions in our head, as well as a bunch of theories, but the frustration of not being able to know can sometimes drive us to madness. Luckily, in a Q&A you don’t need to frantically tweet at the director – you can just ask them!

  2. We Get to Show off our Audience

    Yeh, we don’t mean to brag but… our audience frequently get praised for their insightful and thoughtful questions. We’ve spoken to many directors after a Q&A who have said, ‘Blimey, they were good questions, weren’t they?’ We just smile smugly.

  3. Peek Behind the Curtain

    Sure, the film looks beautiful, but what you don’t see is the producers frantically herding sheep, but in a Q&A you sure get to hear about it.

  4. Much Needed Comic Relief

    The majority of our films deal with some very serious and dark content, which is great when tackling and starting conversations around serious issues, but sometimes we need a little break from the tension. Surprisingly Q&As seem to be a place where we all breathe a sigh of relief and laugh about it… sometimes…

  5. Time to Digest

    We’re all guilty of leaving a powerful film and rushing back to our normal life, meaning we often forget what we felt. Taking half an hour after the screening to let it settle in a bit deeper often means it stays with us for much longer.

  6. Great Advice

    For any budding directors, writers and cinematographers out there, Q&As provide an invaluable opportunity to get tips on the filmmaking process – from funding bids to final production.

  7. It’s Personal

    Sure, you can watch all the interviews you want, but there’s something deeply personal about actually watching someone sitting a few feet away from you discussing their film. It’s hard not to find a closer and more personal connection to a film or film maker when you attend a Q&A.

  8. Seeing Other Perspectives

    Weirdly enough, different people take different things away from the same film. Some pick up on small hidden nods, others see themes, talking to others about their experience with films in a Q&A usually results in a much richer view of the film as a whole (and you can tell people that you saw those things afterwards, no-one needs to know).

  9. Meeting the Talent

    We’ve had some pretty impressive people grace our stage, and Q&As are always a great opportunity to say a quick ‘hi’ to the inspiring people who make amazing films.

  10. Supporting Emerging Talent

    In our opinion this is one of the most important things about a Q&A. We are a country full of burgeoning film making talent, but with large mainstream venues unwilling to showcase or support them it is our wonderful responsibility to spread the word about these films. But it only works with you. When you show up to Q&As, you show big studios that there is a demand for titles like this, so thank you!


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